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Here you will find Hydroponic seeds including:

Lettuce seed: Pelleted lettuce seeds: Butterhead, Romaine, Iceberg, Multileaf, Lollo rossa, Lollo bionda, batavia, Organic lettuce seed and conventional lettuce seed

Tomato Seeds,  Beefsteak tomato, Truss tomato, cocktail tomato, cherry tomato grape tomato and heirloom tomatoes. Organic tomato seeds and conventional tomato seeds.

Cucumber Seeds: Long English cucumbers, Mini Cucumbers, Persian cucumbers, Slicer cucumbers and Snack cucumbers.

Pepper seeds: Sweet bell pepper seeds, habanero pepper seeds, hot pepper seeds.

Papaya seeds including Red Lady 786, Tainung, Red Maradol, Hawaian Solo sunrise and Hawaiian solo sunset.

Herb and Microgreen seeds including Arugula seed, Beet seed, Swiss Chard seed, Basil seeds, Tatsoi seed and Mizuna

Greenhouse seeds at: http://paramountseeds.com/seed-varieties-t93/greenhouse-seeds.aspx

Organic seed at: http://www.paramountseeds.com/seed-varieties-t93/organic-seeds.aspx

Herbs and microgreens at: http://www.paramountseeds.com/GreenhouseHerbsAndMicrogreens.aspx

Papaya seeds at: http://www.paramountseeds.com/seed-varieties-t93/seeds-for-the-tropics/tropics-large-papaya.aspx

Seeds for the Tropics at: http://www.paramountseeds.com/seed-varieties-t93/seeds-for-the-tropics.aspx

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